Medical bottles and labels

Health care/Medical Industry

health care labels

Manufacturing labels for the Medical and Health care industries requires a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the label. The labels must have all the required information for the consumer printed in high quality easy to read text. A large variety of materials and adhesives may be considered depending on the application. Labels may have to adhere to a small radius container, flexible blood bags, or a variety of other surfaces used in the health care industry.

Stylerite Label has the expertise you need to engineer and manufacture your medical labels. Our technical service department will assist you every step of the way.

Some types of Customizable Medical Labels include:

  • Anesthesia Labels
  • Equipment Inspection Labels
  • Maintenance Labels
  • Blood bank & bag labels
  • Communication Labels
  • Food Service Labels
  • Tray & Cart Labels
  • Diagnostic Labels
  • Medical Record Labels
  • Pharmacy, Prescription, and Medical Labels
  • Office Labels

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