Static-cling stickers on car windshield.

Static Cling Labels

Picture of shop window display with text Sale on static cling labelStatic cling labels are made of a flexible vinyl, making them easy to apply to most smooth, clean, nonporous surfaces without leaving a sticky, adhesive residue. The custom flexographic static cling decals are perfect for glass and window application, as their design and color quality make them highly visible, yet still transparent.

There are many uses for static cling decals: product promotions, branding, surface protection, annual programs. Some popular examples of these decals are window decals, oil-change decals, promotional decals and annual-renewal memberships. As can be seen by the diversity of the clings, they are well in demand because of their endless possibilities.

For indoor use only, as weather affects the static charge, static clings can retain their cling for a year or two, depending on the circumstances of their use. These labels are a favorite since they can be both easily removed and repositioned.

Depending on specifics, these static cling labels can be printed with up to five colors with either a transparent or white background. Most shapes are available up to 9.5 inches wide by 24 inches long. With these availabilities, most customization is possible.